The Partners of Cypress Civil Development are dedicated to bringing clients' visions to life while enforcing sustainable engineering practices in the spirit of creating long lasting developments. They pride themselves on being experts at the development process and delivering successful projects for their clients. 



Growing up as a part of a military family, Kevin has had the opportunity to see and live in many different parts of the US, but has spent the most time in his current hometown, Tucson, Arizona. He received his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1995 and went on to receive a Masters in Business from Regis University in 1998. He has been involved in all stages of the civil design and construction process throughout his career. As a principal at CYPRESS, Kevin brings his wide range of experience, in addition to his passion for responsible development and design.



As a native Arizonan, Jeff has had a chance to watch Arizona change dramatically over the course of his lifetime. With an appreciation for architecture and the built environment, and a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, Jeff plans to be a part of the design and development community that will help shape Arizona for the future. His passion for long lasting design is a derivative of his feeling that every project affects the community, now and in the future.



Derick brings a unique background of design and heavy civil construction to the firm. His field and project management experience are the perfect complement to CYPRESS's outstanding design approach. Like the rest of the CYPRESS ownership team, he proudly received his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona.  He is pleased to head the Phoenix office for CYPRESS and be a part of the unique and innovative projects that CYPRESS excels. 



CYPRESS has assembled an outstanding team of designers, engineers, project managers, and administrative personnel to meet our clients' needs. We pursue a culture of quality and commitment to our projects and are proud of our reputation within the development community.