Over the years, CYPRESS has been a part of many unique and varied projects. Here is a quick look at a blend of our different projects.

university of arizona hillel center

In 2011 the University of Arizona Hillel Foundation found themselves with a piece of prime University of Arizona real estate and a growing need to serve the community but nowhere to expand.  It was important that they remained at the University campus but a flurry of land acquisitions by the Arizona Board of Regents for future large budget projects eliminated all affordable options for expanding or moving.  As a result, they decided they would build a new expansion for their building over the top of their existing parking lot. CYPRESS was tasked with the grading, utility and drainage design but also had to negotiate entitlements related to building setbacks, trash pickup, landscape screening and parking clearances.  The budget for the project was still very critical despite the radical design solution.  As a result, CYPRESS had to negotiate lower clearances within the future covered parking area and push refuse container pickup to the adjacent public alley in order to maintain an affordable parking floor level of the structure.  CYPRESS also had to tie the two buildings together and provide updated ADA accessible routes that had not previously existed while still maintaining the existing building constraints.  Re-grading the entire existing parking lot became necessary which then resulted in the need to locate existing private utilities during the design phase to prevent violating coverage requirements beneath the renovated parking lot during construction.

mister car wash HEADQUARTERS

Mister Car Wash has locations in 16 states and selected Tucson, Arizona for its headquarters location.  In doing so they also wanted to take advantage of the thriving urban and University environment near downtown Tucson.  Considering their perceived business model of consolidating existing car wash locations and reviving them into profitable Mister Car Wash assets, it only made sense that they choose an existing, abandoned historic building near downtown Tucson to re-purpose into their new headquarters. This project is was a re-development of the existing First Baptist Church building built in 1952.  The building had been used as a school previously but had been vacant since 2007.  As a school, the development had previously benefited from shared parking with an adjacent church and on-street parking.  Now that the Project was being re-developed as office, the City required full parking code compliance. CYPRESS utilized a creative approach to both the engineering and entitlement aspects of the parking challenge resulted in a favorable outcome for the owner. 

1 east broadway

In the heart of downtown Tucson was a relatively small surface parking lot filled historically with visitors to the iconic Chase Bank building, built in 1929 and dubbed "Tucson's first skyscraper".  With the explosion of activity downtown, a need for additional real estate square footage became essential to the continued success of the downtown resurgence.  With support from the City of Tucson both in favorable overlay criteria and financial incentives, 1 East Broadway was a dream of its ownership group brought to life.  CYPRESS assisted in coordination with the various utility owners and City of Tucson Department of Transportation to ensure this new mid-rise building in downtown Tucson could be made possible logistically.  During construction CYPRESS was heavily involved in various site related adjustments that became necessary, as expected, when disturbing the surface of one of Tucson's oldest intersections. 

marana marketplace

Larsen Baker is a local development and property management company who had the foresight to understand how the critical the Orange Grove and Interstate 10 corridor would become.  The project was rezoned in 2003 to open the door to the commercial development and a portion of the site was constructed prior to CYPRESS becoming involved.  The remaining portion was a 13 acre parcel of land surrounded by three different local jurisdictions requiring review and approval of the project.  In addition, the project had expiring development rights that required expediting review and approval of the project to maintain. The project was also surrounded by neighboring developments discharging relatively large volumes of stormwater runoff to the development resulting in the need to design and install significant drainage infrastructure and channel crossings within the project.

social security ADMINISTRATION office - tucson

Federal and State governments have many interesting building delivery methods when seeking to meet the continuously growing and complicated social needs of society.  One of those methods is working with private parties for Guaranteed Maximum Price/Rent delivery.  CYPRESS has been very fortunate to work with a private developer that has been very successful in this type of delivery method, consistently creating value for the tax payer by delivering exceptional projects with extremely limited budgets.  This unique delivery method requires extensive front end research and the creation of competitive proposals to be considered for funding.  After almost two years of research and multiple proposals to the GSA, the Social Security Office in Tucson was successfully funded.  This project was a ground up construction and required full entitlements, the widening of the adjacent roadway and negotiation with surrounding neighbors.  This all had to be completed on a strict timeline.  This building was LEED certified and uses two significant water harvesting areas to retain 100% of the site runoff on-site and provide beneficial stormwater harvesting for the on-site landscape vegetation. Plant selection and stormwater harvesting reduce the irrigation needs for the site to nearly zero long-term.  

The site's aesthetics and architecture create a building that government employees are happy to call their office and where users benefit from the latest building programming and technology improvements.

surf thru car wash - marana 

 Surf Thru Car Wash is a California based company just beginning its expansion to other parts of the country.  They have experienced success with their automated car wash + service approach.  They limit wait times and cost by not offering full service car washes and allowing the individual user to perform their own interior car washing services whenever desired by offering free vacuum stations.

Surf Thru came to Tucson with the ultimate goal of building at least five locations as a part of their desire to establish themselves in the Tucson market. The Marana location was their first successfully completed project and CYPRESS managed all aspects of the project with exception of architectural design and physical construction.  This project was part of a larger development area and required negotiations with public utility owners to negotiate reconfiguration of on-site public utilities conflicting with the desired location of the new building.  In addition, there were off-site access drives that needed to be eliminated and these aspects of the project required coordination with the Town of Marana's Transportation and Right-of-Way departments.

enclave at stone canyon

Located north of Innovation Park in Oro Valley, Stone Canyon defines top of the line real estate location for the area.  It has become one of the most desirable custom home subdivisions in Oro Valley and consistently boasts home values in the multi-million dollar range.  With a premier golf course, recently becoming a member of Phil Mickelson's M Club, and a top notch clubhouse, the need for additional density within Stone Canyon became important.  As a result, The Enclave at Stone Canyon, a 70 unit single family residential infill, was deemed critical to the future of Stone Canyon.  Other higher density infill projects gained traction within Stone Canyon as well however, none of them were located directly off the front steps of the luxurious fitness center and golf club house.  

From an entitlement standpoint, the location made this project extremely difficult.  The desire for Stone Canyon to maintain its reputation in the area meant that the project was subject to increased scrutiny with regards to site layout and design.  Being located within the Town of Oro Valley brought along its own set of challenges as well with the Town being a rapidly growing part of the overall Tucson community that is also trying to maintain its long-standing sense of quality they feel sets them apart from other parts of the community.

Once hurdles with entitlements were overcome the engineering of the project provided little relief to the complications of the project.  The same magnificent boulder rock outcroppings that make Stone Canyon so unique and beautiful also make a higher density subdivision extremely complicated to design.  All roadways and underground utilities would need to be blasted from the ground using controlled explosive measures and significant rock outcroppings would have to be preserved both because of their value to the area aesthetically but also due to the protective measures put in place by the Town of Oro Valley.  CYPRESS was responsible for every aspect of the project from conceptual design to construction administration.  Being involved with every element of the project allowed CYPRESS to maintain strict quality control measures and keep the project on track when any unique complication would arise.